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At Evergreen Homes we build well designed, beautiful Tiny Homes that are functional, spacious and beautiful! We work with locally sourced, quality materials and are passionate about attention to detail and good workmanship. Our tiny homes have a beautiful ambience with live-edge timber finishes, elegant tiles and warming wood fires. Our quality craftsmanship means that our homes are built for longevity, so the money you pay reaps you benefits for many years to come.

Our Tiny Homes don’t come off a factory production line, they are all hand finished by qualified tradesman of the highest standard, conforming to Australian building codes. Our Tiny Homes are high-end, however we do also cater for the budget conscious and are more than happy to work through your ideas to create a design that will work within your parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tiny Houses are officially classed as caravans; therefore, caravan regulations apply. Being ‘relocatable’ it is possible to park up your tiny home wherever a caravan can be, without permitting. In addition, depending on how you want to use your tiny home, there are variations in regulations in all states and councils. Ie. Depending on if you want to live in it permanently or have it as temporary accommodation. So, if planning to go through legal processes it is your best bet to call your local council and find out what their regulations are. Our experience of living in our Tiny Home for 7 years (without permits) on several properties, and also from our clients feedback, is that when there is a primary dwelling on the property where you park your Tiny Home, you don’t require any council permitting as the systems for dealing with waste water are present already.

The Australian Tiny House Association are working hard to see legislation standardised across Australia and also offer a wealth of knowledge and experience.

In our home shire, the Surfcoast Shire, they are currently trialling the domestic use of Tiny Homes to help tackle the housing crisis. As of 2023 people can apply for a permit to live in one in the Surfcoast shire.

You can park your Tiny Home in your own backyard, a friends farm, or if you don’t have anywhere in mind you can find somewhere to park your Tiny Home via Park My Tiny House

Yes! Absolutely you can. If you have mains power, sewer and water tanks available, then you can park up and simply plug in.

If you are wanting to be off-grid then there are four main areas that need to be thought about in your planning. Your drinking water, waste water, power and toilet.

Water: If you are on mains water you can plug your Tiny Home directly into this. Alternatively, we can organise guttering for your Tiny Home and help advise you with the installation of it upon delivery (these cannot be installed prior to delivery as the Tiny Home will then exceed legal size on the road). This guttering can connect to a tank which is then pumped into the Tiny Home via the certified plumbing inlet on our Tiny Home. We can help advise you with these steps.

Waste water: If there is an existing sewer/ drainage system you can plug the Tiny Home directly into this. Alternatively, a grey water filtration system can be installed. A simple slotted pipe in the ground with layers of gravel and sand to filter your grey water may also be suitable in some circumstances.

Power: If you have mains power you can plug your Tiny Home directly into mains power as it has a 240V power socket. Alternatively, you can buy whole solar power units with batteries, controller and inverters. These can sit next to your Tiny Home and supply your home with all the power it needs. We can recommend you to our partnering solar company.

Toilet: We can install a traditional flush toilet to be plumbed into an existing septic system. Alternatively, we can install a composting toilet, allowing your Tiny House to be completely independent, odour free, and requiring very minimal maintenance.

Price can vary a lot depending on size and quality of materials and workmanship. Our Tiny Homes cater for both high-end customers and those on a budget. Our prices range between $120,000 and $160,000* depending on what extras you choose. We believe in quality materials and quality workmanship so your Tiny Home lasts a long time!

* Prices on our website may not be up to date, but contact us for more details.

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